Back in 1998 during numerous clinical

Analogues Of Viagra


Back in 1998 during numerous clinical studies and trials was released Viagra company Pfizer. The drug immediately fell into a separate group. Its active component sildenafil has become a catalyst for sexual arousal. Due to the fact that it was a brand new tool, analogues Viagra not met. The pharmaceutical market was captured by only one drug to improve erections in men. Very fast Viagra received a huge popularity all over the world, because it provided an erection by natural processes in the body, although not a substitute hormones.

Once the patent for the manufacture of medicinal products has expired, many other pharmaceutical companies have received licenses to produce the generic Viagra. Of course, Pfizer has remained the only company producing the original drug, but the availability provided partly Indian companies, reducing the prices of their generics. Thus, the light began to appear analogues of Viagra or, in the people they are called generics.

Many people think that Viagra substitutes are of poor quality fakes. But this is not so. All generic medicines are clinically tested and are manufactured in the same conditions as the original drug. The only thing that has changed is the technology, i.e. in the generic ballast is injected more funds.

Along with the generics in the pharmaceutical market there are analogues Viagra other major companies that began to produce drugs with the same principle, but with a different active ingredient. The most striking examples are: the English company Cialis Eli Lilly and Levitra of German company Bayer. These 2 products can rightly be attributed to the class of analogs of Viagra and they are the main competitors of Viagra, each with its own characteristics and advantages.

If to judge now, the analogues of Viagra, in the face of the Cialis and Levitra largely exceed it in action, fewer side effects, dosage. For example, if to compare Cialis with Viagra, tadalafil (the active component of Cialis) have 5 times less for the desired effect. The effect lasts for 5 hours, like Viagra, and 24 – 36 h.

However, quite a few men prefer viagra and analogs Viagra, are perceived with caution!